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> 3 year grand opening < | New Smudge proof lip blush tattoo

A NEW look at lip Tattooing.   Bring your favorite lip color we custom Perma Blend it !  Lip pigments Tattoo  on could last for years.  Multi sessions (3) we layer  as light or as dark. Its  all in the layers.  Game changing results.  Nashville | Franklin 

Tattooing on Foundation > Coming Soon

Skin Care Microneedling

Pain Free | New Smudge Proof Lip Blush Tattoos Custom Lip Color by the Perma Blend

  NEW   Layered Lip Blush Tattoos  

In lash line eyeliner tattoo Nashville

Pain Free| In Lash Line Eyeliner Tattooing | Natural Looking EyeBrow MicroBlading

" Wake-Up with Make-Up   We are a conservative Cosmetic Tattoo Spa. Tattooing ONLY ( Elegant Day Make-Up )   RELAX  its affordable  > pay as you go.  All Layers or Touch-Ups are charged at next visit not up front.  > Deposits required

EyeBrow Microblading | NEW Lip blush Tattoos | nashville |

Tattoo eye liner

Pain Free Eyeliner Tattooing

  1. " WAKE UP WITH MAKE UP " .  A base of  lite sexy  day Make-Up tattooed on makes life easy in the morning. Try  Smudge Proof Lip Blush Tattoos.  Get Tattooed  inside the lash Line.  Tattoo Eye Liner, and  EyeBrow Microblading |  Powder Brows . Just to name a few 


Pain Free | Eye Brow Microblading | Tattoo Brow Shading | Powder Brow


Natural Looking ... Done in 2 Sessions 

Session 1 / Microblading Stroke or Powder Look

Session 2 / Powder Brow /3-6D Machine 

Lip Tattooing

Pain Free | Smudge Proof | Lip Blush Tattoos ( Custom Lip Colors)

 The BEST  cosmetic tattoo lip color is  done in 3 layers. We use the  highest-quality Perma Blend  Cosmetic  tattooing  pigments  for  all  our permanent make up services.  Lips, Eye Liner, Eye Brow Microblading and Scars.