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BB Glow tattoo face foundation | EyeBrow Microblading

Pain Free Cosmetic Tattooing

Tattoo eye liner

  1. " WAKE UP WITH MAKE UP " .  A base of sexy  day Make-Up lightly tattooed on makes me feel beautiful the second I look in the mirror in the morning.  Try a light coat of  Layered Smudge Proof Lip Color Tattoos, Tattoos inside  Lash Line Eye Liner, and  EyeBrow Microblading |  Powder Brows . 

Its here >BB Glow Semi-Permanent Face Foundation WOW! | Amazing BB Glow is a highly effective semi-permanent TATTOO on makeup treatment with immediate coverage effects, minimal effort. More layers built over a few visits as to not damage the skin. Benefits such as skin brightening, skin whitening, or a little cheek color. Side effects are wrinkle improvement, and so much more. Done with a shallow DermaPen (CIT) Pain Free

New BB Glow tattoo foundation with Derma Pen Microneedling

 A game changer in the permanent make up business.  Evens out skin tones, erase  dark undereye circles amazing ! 

PermaBlend Smudge Proof Lip Tattoo Pigments | Pain Free Lip Tattoos

Lip Tattooing

 The BEST tattoo lip color is  done in layers. We use the  highest-quality PermaBlend  facial tattooing  pigments  for  all  our permanent make up services.  Lips. Liner, EyeBrow Microblading and Scars. 

Smudge proof layered lip tattoos

Smudge Proof Lip Tattoos (Pain Free)

Smudge Proof Lip Tattoo

  NEW  Science in Lip Tattoo Pigments  by PermaBlend 

Check out our | Pain Free Facial Tattooing |Package Deals > Lips, Brows, EyeLiner

Smudge Proof Lip Tattoo

" Wake-Up with Make-Up " Full Face > Package Deal Includes > 1. EyeBrow  MicroBlading, 2. ( Eyeliner ) >  ( TOP ONLY ) In lash line. 3. Full  tattoo Lips with custom color match.  We are a conservative Cosmetic tattoo shop. Tattooing ONLY (Elegant Day Make-Up )  and RELAX  its affordable  > pay as you go. All Layers or Touch-Ups are charged at next visit not up front. Deposits required

Skin Care like no other ! With a tattooing twist.

Skin Care Microneedling

affordable | Permanent Eye liner

Lite In -Lash Line Upper Eyeliner Tattoo " Wake-Up with Make Up "

In lash line tattoo eyeliner

Who knew eyebrow microblading, lash line eyeliner and tattooing smudge proof lip color could look so real ! Elegantly done cosmetic tattooing can change a life!    Let us tattoo on day make-up. We like adding layers slowly to get perfect results the perfect amount. Our motto is we can always do more!

PermaBlend Tattoo Lip Color by World Famous Tattoo Ink... 50 years in the tattoo pigment business.

 Lip Tattoos

Sultry Smudge Proof  Lip Tattoos  

NEW CIT Pore Clean Charcoal Peel Facial | Micro-needling | Vitamin C and Hyaluronic Acid AMAZING !

Charcoal Mask

CIT  | Micro-Needling |  with Hale Cosmeceuticals . 

All  the new science in Skin and needling combo's