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EyeBrow Microblading | Lip Tattoos

Pain Free Eyeliner Tattooing

Tattoo eye liner

  1. " WAKE UP WITH MAKE UP " .  A base of  lite sexy  day Make-Up tattooed on makes me feel beautiful the second I look in the mirror in the morning.  Try a light coat of  Layered Smudge Proof Lip Color Tattoos, Tattoo inside  Lash Line.  Tattoo Eye Liner, and  EyeBrow Microblading |  Powder Brows . Just to name a few 

Pain Free | Eye Brow Microblading | Tattoo Brow Shading | Powder Brow



Natural Looking... Done in 2 Sessions 

Session 1 / Microblading Stroke Look

Session 2 / Powder Brow /3-6D Machine 

Pain Free Lip Tattoos PermaBlend Smudge Proof Lip Tattoo Pigments

Lip Tattooing

 The BEST tattoo lip color is  done in 3 layers. We use the  highest-quality PermaBlend  Cosmetic  tattooing  pigments  for  all  our permanent make up services.  Lips, Eye Liner, Eye Brow Microblading and Scars. 

Smudge proof layered lip tattoos

Smudge Proof Lip Tattoos (Pain Free)


  NEW   Layered Lip Color  

Pain Free Facial Tattooing | Package Deals Lips, Brows, EyeLiner

Smudge Proof Lip Tattoo

" Wake-Up with Make-Up " Full Face > Package Deal Includes > 1. EyeBrow  MicroBlading, 2. ( Eyeliner ) >  ( TOP ONLY ) In lash line. 3.  (Full) tattoo Lip color with PermaBlend  custom lip color blend.  We are a conservative Cosmetic tattoo shop. Tattooing ONLY ( Elegant Day Make-Up )   RELAX  its affordable  > pay as you go. All Layers or Touch-Ups are charged at next visit not up front.  > Deposits required

Tattooing on Elegant Day Make-Up with the Best in Cosmetic Tattooing PermaBlend | MicroBeau | FK Irons | Dark Lab

Skin Care Microneedling